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Innovate is a must for your groth

According to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, there are over 30,000 new products introduced every year, and 95 percent fail. According to University of Toronto Professor Inez Blackburn, the failure rate of new grocery store products is 70 to 80 percent.

Are you sure to have covered all ?

InnoMaker Management will help you control your innovations - from defining your strategy all the way through to injecting them into your activities.

We are convinced that innovation should be in line with what made your company a success.


A clear, shared, structured and controlled process which will result in a high-quality innovation to meet your clients’ expectations.


It should correspond to your settings and ethos. 

A practical approach, thinking out of the box - this allows InnoMAKER support their clients to overcome challenges and doubts and accomplish their objectives.



LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology is an innovative process designed to improve innovation and performance within a company. Based on research showing that this type of practical and intellectual learning  enables a deeper and more significant understanding of the world and its possibilities, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology deepens the process of reflection and promotes an efficient dialogue for the entire organisation.

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Sylvain Pinon facilitateur lego serious play

Sylvain Pinon


20 years of experience specialising in innovation, R&D, project management for SMBs and big international groups in various industries such as IT, logistics, design, agri-food industry, consultancy and medical equipment. 

Director of Innovation and R&D for an international group for over 15 years.

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InnoMAKER Management

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Jean-Luc Künle


Great experience of overall management in multiple industries, notably medical devices and life sciences, for various companies for over 25 years, including anything between start-up and multinational companies. 

Experience as chief executive and senior manager in sectors such as Operations, Business development, Services, Supplier management, Logistics, Quality assurance and regulatory affairs, Six Sigma, Sourcing and Manufacturing.

Jean Luc Kunle cabinet de conseil en management de l'innovation
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Frequently Asked Questions

• What is Lego Serious Play method ?


Lego Serious Play ® is an innovative method aimed at facilitating creativity and boosting team spirit. Very popular amongst businesses, Lego Serious Play ® method has established itself as being an effective way to gather a team around a common goal to see how each individual responds to raised issues and questions asked by the facilitator.  In practical terms, the idea is to assemble Lego® pieces. This stimulates collective intelligence and increases group cohesion and motivation. Lego Serious Play ® exercises highlight many core values: first of all it promotes communication and dialogue amongst those present in a playful manner. It then allows every participant to express themselves as well as others and obtain an end product in 3D which is a concrete representation of their team creativity and objectives met. If you wish to hire a Lego Serious Play ® facilitator in Paris or elsewhere in France you can trust Innomaker’s expertise on the subject. Why not try a well-tested method.

• Why hire an innovation consulting firm?

An innovation consulting firm will help your company strengthen its competitiveness by highlighting innovation processes management, the key to your success and long-term sustainability.  The function of an innovation consulting firm is to efficiently support you with setting-up management of your innovation process, from your innovation strategy to the implementation into your company. We study the maturity of your innovation management system in order to suggest target actions for your organisation with the aim to emphasise high potential ideas. We recommend constructive solutions to face all issues (financial, human, operational…) to help secure your innovative projects and guarantee maximum profitability.  An innovation consulting firm will also help research and qualify partners for the components of your “innovation ecosystem”. 


• Why choose Innomaker ?


Unlike most innovation consulting firms, Innomaker demonstrates, thanks to its founder Sylvain Pinon, a real industrial and operational vision for innovation management solutions, having worked for over 15 years as an R&D and innovation director for big international groups. An active and considerate listening and an industrialist to industrialist exchange  will guarantee strong foundations for a productive partnership between your company and our innovation consulting firm. We operate all over France.


Founder's Interview 

Where do you operate ?


We operate all over France as well as neighbouring countries (England, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain) to offer advice and support for your innovation process, improvement projects and our LSP workshops (Lego Serious Play). 


Let's talk about innovation. What is the concrete role of your innovation consulting firm?

 We are committed to supporting companies in perfecting the structure and animation of their innovation processes through various organisational change projects to ensure a peaceful and profitable future.  This involves an informed and collaborative management of their innovation portfolio by bringing together both their future and their past.


What field of expertise do you bring to your clients ?


First of all, an extensive operational understanding of the stakes thanks to our tried and tested personal experience but also our network of experts qualified by us throughout our careers and that we can put to the task where and when necessary.  We offer the best experts in industrial property, design, application development, expert network development, funding...


Why are people saying that there is a lack of innovation amongst companies ?


For 25 years the aim has been to make the uncertain, certain. In other words control the uncertainties in the development of new products to ensure budgets, deadlines for launches, cost of product…  Notably through risk management. This led to a reduction or even disappearance of anything creative. Hence a justified slowdown. Consequently, 5 or 10 years ago, a new space appeared prior to a new product development process dedicated to this creativity issue. The current requirement is to make sure the deliverable outcomes of this new space don’t bring back the same risk in disguise.


In your opinion what does innovation need to make companies more sustainable ?


As Peter Drucker used to say, a long time ago, innovation must be handled like any other activity of a company to be managed correctly. This means clear outcomes for clearly identified internal clients thanks to processes and markers enabling informed decisions.  

How did you come across Lego Serious Play method ?


During my years as innovation and R&D director, I was after a method that would allow me to bring my team of managers together, around a common project to structure and accelerate our innovation. 


According to you, what our the advantages of Lego Serious Play for companies in general and more specifically for innovation ?


This method enables the construction of a 3D model by using the contributions of each participant. This is a judgement free model which embodies every participant’s needs and allows a global view of the project ……. There is a real team-building element at the end of the procedure.

What role plays the Lego Serious Play facilitator ? Do employees need to be monitored and encouraged during the activity ?


It’s the guarantor of the method developed by Lego, when the brand was being attacked by its competitors and was looking for a way to reinvent themselves. The brand used its own products to help create a new strategy with the results we all know today. It is crucial that the workshop plan is followed to a T to ensure profitable and shared results for the company.

How can you straightforwardly bring companies to realise the maturity in their innovation management ?


In partnership with one of our experts, we developed a free online self-assessment tool. Approximately sixty questions depending on what innovation must comply to. All lines of business of the company can partake . On completion one obtains a report representing different levels of organisational maturity on an individual and collective level. If the organisation wants, we can visit them to interpret the results and set the foundations for  an action plan to improve the organisations performance.